184 - Robot Roll Call!

October 20, 2011
I add all the photos I do of crafty things to Flickr. I like adding them to groups and sharing them with people who love that sort of craft (even if most of the other things in the group put my work to shame).

Sometimes I forget to have a browse of all the lovely things that other people put up, so today while I was checking out a comment on one of my photos, I started browsing through the embroidery group on Flickr. Go check it out, it is amazing! And if you embroider, add your own photos! It's a fun way to interact with other crafty people. I have to share some of my favourites with you! I saw some things that just made me drool! They are so cool! (And if it rhymes it must be true, that is a rule I live by.)

First up, you will know my love of Tom Servo and the rest of the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 characters from the hanky design I made for the man shape a few months ago. Well Children Playing With Fire has done an amazing set of all the characters! Check them out. I would love to have them on my wall.

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Check out some more of my favourites! Too amazing, I want them all. And that level of talent.

day 30
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day 28
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Talented bunch right?

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