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October 12, 2011
Like my mum and my gran, I obviously have a love of being creative. My gran liked to make things around the house, make clothes for both my mum's and my Barbie dolls, knit, sew, bake and paint. My mum is good at (but often doesn't spend very much time) drawing, baking (okay, she does quite a lot of this), knitting and crocheting some things (I am jealous of her skills, but she insists she can't do the complicated stuff, hence the "some things"), sewing and cross stitch (though, like me, she has very little time for 17 different shades of cream!).

I think it's clear that I have creativity running through me from a couple of generations. My mum, inspired by my recent head-first dive into the crafty world decided to treat herself to a couple of knitting books, because she can knit, but she can't knit ALL THE THINGS! So she bought herself these books from the Book People (a discount book catalogue).

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She bought the knitting dog book because it was so cute and she loved the idea of the dogs, and she bought the Knitting Book (which is huge btw) because it literally teaches you everything you could want to know about knitting. This is awesome too, because it means I can have a look at them when I go out and see her (which I spent most of a last night doing I must admit).

Because she ordered a couple of craft books, the nice people at the Book People decided to give her another craft book for free, which she admitted she would have no use for and passed it on to me.

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Amazing right? While I can't knit (yet) I've though this book would be amazing ever since it came out (who doesn't want a knitted corgi). And now I've got it for free! Win!

My mum also told me she had bought me a craft book for Christmas, but when I saw the same book in the catalogue and started gushing about how long it had been on my Amazon wish list, she just decided to tell me about it in case I tried to buy it myself. So I bought it off her so as not to ruin the surprise of a Christmas present.

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The book was Sweet Treats in Cross-Stitch and it turned out it had been on my Amazon wish list since April! Clearly I've loved it from a far for a while. I think every craft magazine I read has recommend this book at one point and I have to say it's lovely! I got it for the bargain price of £5, even if it does mean my mum has to shop for me again!

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