178 - Christmas cards

October 08, 2011
So today I finished my first Christmas card! I've not decided which ones are going to who yet, so no spoilers.

Christmas card

This was a kit I got free with one of my Christmas Cross Stitch magazines, and it was really easy to make. Though mounting it and trying to make if fit perfectly was a little hard!

I've also started making a felt cross stitch tree decoration too, but I've given up for tonight in favour of X Factor and ice cream. Win!


  1. DAwhh! Bless you! Love it. I considered xstitching my cards but decided that most people don't deserve that much time! HAHAH. I should really, bit lazy! xxxx

  2. Ha ha see I'm only giving out like 8 or 9 to family, so I don't have too much to worry about. :D


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