176 - guerilla knitting

October 05, 2011
I've read many a blog post about guerrilla knitting and seen loads of pictures, but on Monday when I was up town with Donald for his birthday I got to see some in real life. Honestly I don't think I've ever been so excited! I went very high pitched when I noticed it was wrapped round the lamp post I was pressing the pedestrian crossing on. I then ran around like a mad woman forcing Donald to take photos of all of them on his phone!

I have to say, it was so cool to see in real life, I was very impressed. So if you live in Edinburgh, head up to the mass of pedestrian crossings just up for Greyfriars Bobby beside the big church. Four of the lamp posts there are covered. Though I would recommend checking it out pretty soon, as one had already been burnt quite badly. Bastards!






  1. What does the sign say?!i saw two yarn bombs in bristol at the weekend and had to take pics.boyf thought I as mad!i want to get involved but not sure how!xx

  2. I saw them too!
    Glad you got a picture of them, unfortunately I don't think they'll last long :(

  3. Yeh I don't think they'll last long if one's already been burnt. I was quite upset about that.

    I think the sign was just some council thing about the road, so they obviously didn't mind the lovely knitting!


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