175 - Birthday crafts!

October 04, 2011
So it was Donald's birthday yesterday, so I can show you the gifts I made him. I'm happy to say he loved them, which is always good.

So first I made him a Space Invaders keyring, with an explosion on one side and a little yellow alien on the other. I had a little trouble with these keyrings, because they didn't pop into place, so I won't be buying those ones again.

Space invaders keyring

Space invaders keyring

Next I made him a Psycho cross stitch. I got the pattern from the iotacons blog, which I saw mentioned on Mr X Stitch a few weeks ago. It's basically a blog made up of famous pixel people, and the guy who runs the blogs is apparently happy for you to use his designs for anything (well probably not selling, but you know what I mean, just making things for yourself) and he frequently features pictures of things people have made with his designs on his blog. It's lovely check it out.

Psycho cross stitch

I enjoy crafting for presents.


  1. AWHHH! Good work! You and Donald must be happy! I love those iotacons, unfortunately I dont know anyone that like thoses ones...yet! I too have that problem with those key chains (I bought a mass of them too!!), I also found they break at the join (the hole bit) very quickly... :-( xxx

  2. Yeah I wish the guy would put more on his blog, they are so awesome! Bah stupid key rings, I'll need to tell Donald to be gentle with his so it doesn't break


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