173 - The first Christmas make

October 02, 2011
Hi I'm Kim, and I can't follow patterns! Even simple patterns. I read the first part of the instruction "cut your fabric to 9cm by 12cm". Okay done! And then read "starting 3cm from the top of the fabric"...oops! I so didn't do that. And now my pattern is right in the middle, when its supposed to be near the top so I can fit decorations on the bottom.

I also forget to check if my fabric pieces are right side in when I stitch them together, which meant a lot of ripping stitches out.

I don't sew too often from patterns. I'm scared of getting it wrong. I cut the fabric wrong because my scissors seem to spazz out, even though I have a fabric cutter I TOTALLY forgot about. I need to buy a big cutting mat for this instead of the little one I actually have so I can actually remember to use it! I stitch it wrong (visible stitches are never good!). Stuff always ends up squint. But hey, at least you can tell it's definitely homemade.

So I finished my Christmas houses yesterday. And after a lot of swearing (for the above mentioned reasons) and my sewing machine deciding to jam about a million time, I finally have 3 little Christmas houses. Phew.

Christmas house decorations

Squint, yes? Cute, also yes? I love them! And at least my cross stitching is fine, even if the rest of it leaves a lot to be desired. First stage of decorating the tree has begun.

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  1. Yayyy!!!love them!!my idea of finishing mine before next edition arrived has failed!!!xxx


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