171 - Crafty night.

September 30, 2011
So the boyfriend was out tonight, and I spent the night making his birthday presents. Obviously I can't show you them right now, but I'm happy I got everything finished.

I also did all the cross stitching on my Cross Stitcher Christmas house decorations kit, so all I need to do now is stitch them together.


So pretty right? Hoping to get these stitched up soon as the new issue of Cross Stitcher is out on Tuesday and I get a free cake skirt with that.

The only other thing I did tonight was find yet another craft bag, but instead of buying this one, it was one I already had. I used to go to college to do hairdressing before I had to give it up and find a full time job, and because of this, I have a lot of hair care supplies. I noticed I had a cherry print knitting bag which was full of all my hair brushes. Well that just wouldn't do, so I popped the brushes in a Converse tote bag and put my knitting supplies in the new bag.



I'm very happy, cause all my knitting stuff was crammed in the rose basket with all the wool I had and it wasn't very nice. Much better now.

Finally I finished Fight Club today. I have to say, I love the movie, but I didn't like the book, not at all. It just didn't seem to work as well as the movie, and I very rarely like the movie better than the book. So it's going in my charity shop pile. I'm trying to be good and get rid of books I know I won't read again. I also plan to have a clothes clear out soon, as I put on my Heroes "save the cheerleader, save the world" tee yesterday and it was far too short. So I've not idea why I kept it. So hopefully a clear out will be on the cards soon.

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