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September 29, 2011
So Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat...apparently, I wouldn't know, I've never had goose. Anyway the point is, even though it's still quite far away, Christmas is looming ever close for us crafters, and with so much to make, and other things still to craft for, there is every reason to start Christmas planning early.

I spent a lot of tonight going through all my magazines and putting post its on all the designs for cards and decorations that I liked. Obviously more Christmas type magazines are going to come out before December, so I'll have to have a gander through them too, but already I've found some lovely things.

So here's my Christmas make it list so far.

  • 8 Xmas cards.
  • A wreath. 
  • Christmas ornament for my mum. 
  • Cake skirt I'm getting free in Cross Stitcher next month. 
  • Christmas cake (nice Delia Smith one, and a chocolate one too because Donald doesn't like fruit cake).
  • And, as many Christmas decorations as I can make between now and when our tree goes up. There are so many I want to make, so I'm just going to try and make a lot of them.
I've got a lot of ideas for decorations from magazines, Pinterest, other blogs and this amazing list of 101 Christmas Ornaments. I highly recommend you check this list out, it's amazing.

I've said my mum wants a Christmas ornament, and she has requested a rose. My Gran's name was Rose, and she died last November, and my mum would like something to remember her by. I think I'm going to make something like the picture below (but not a ring). I found a few tutorials online, so I'm quite excited about this.

Image via

Now...wreaths! I've never made a wreath before. My Gran used to make proper ones, and use clips of holly and berries and stuff and they always looked really nice. I'd like to make a wreath I could use every year. Currently I'm torn between three!

If you want to have a look at all the other Christmas stuff I have my eyes on, why not check out my lovely Xmas pinterest board (I'm sure a lot more will be added in the coming weeks).

My last stage in Xmas planning (apart from actually starting to make things) is to write a shopping list of everything else I need. Hopefully I won't need too much, though I would like some nice Christmas ribbon. I think I'll need some felt that I don't have the colours for though, and defiantly some wreath supplies.

Anyone else EXCITED!


  1. Im SO excited!!!As you well know!i likethe jigsaw reef!! Xxx

  2. Next year I am defo starting earlier than this, stress is getting to me like and I've not even started anything yet! Cross Stitcher is out next week too and I know there's gonna be loads in that I want to make too!

  3. I KNOWWWW! I feel under so much pressure (from myself!), although have now started commuting on a train so hoping to be able to do some on the train! Brilliantly I was going to write that in my comment! As i'm a subscriber my copy will be on my door mat when I arrive back from Bristol this weekend, the thought of it being there makes me feel like I'm behind!Do you know what I mean? So i'm now desperately stitching the decorations from this month because i'm determined it's finished before I start the next one!!! xxx

  4. The one thing I would say though, is that it's saving me money by stopping me going out! I meant to ask, have you added up how much it costs u per gift?I keep meaning to, to work out if it's expensive or not. I also m eant to tell you, I went utterly mad on felt last week, buying a meter of red, blue and green (!!!!). xxx

  5. Ha ha wow, that is a lot of felt. No I've not added it up, mainly because I have like all the stuff so I'm not really having to buy much right now. Yeah any pressure if defo coming from myself and nowhere else. I think its because the mags have had xmas patterns in them for like 3 issues now, it seems like I should have been doing stuff for a lot longer. I'm going to try and make the houses over the weekend, but it's my boyfriends bday on Monday and I'm stitching him a couple of gifts, so obv need to get those done first. Eek!


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