169 - Derby stuff

September 28, 2011
So, I've had some new derby stuff for quite some time, but I've been waiting on my last helmet sticker to come before I posted them all so I could just post them in the one go.


 First we have my wife slogan skirt from Knock Turnal. If you don't play derby, you might not know this tradition, but basically derby girls can choose to have a derby wife, and if you have you, you tend to have something with a slogan for eachother on it. So I have this for Knock, and she has "eat my Pixxie dust" on hers, which I love!

 Next, I got numbers on the arms of all my derby t-shirts. They're changing the rules now so players need to have their numbers on their shirt instead of just written on their arms in pen, which is the way they did it before.




And finally, my amazing helmet. I found out that my helmet didn't fit a couple of weeks ago, so I treated myself to a lovely pink sparkle Nutcase helmet, and it fits so much better. Then I popped on to Etsy to find some lovely helmet stickers, and found these ones at Kelly Graphics. My old, boyfriend made name label has a Disney font on it, so I loved that I could still get it in the Disney font!

I also bought some knee gaskets because my knee pads tend to twist when I fall quite badly, which is never good. So now they fit a lot better and I'm happy.

So phew, that is a lot of money on derby, but I do love my new helmet! It's so pretty!

As for derby, I'm now on the Rec team, which means we're not on the home/travel teams, but we all get to practise together and then hopefully bout against the home teams/other teams. I was going for a place on the home team, but I didn't quite make it, but I'm really excited about the Rec team. We're thinking of a name and logo and it's exciting to be a part of that. Plus it means I only practise on a Sunday now, so Wednesday are a little more relaxing.

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