168 - Birthday elephants

September 27, 2011
So I've been stitching a card for my niece, and I managed to finish it tonight after going to see Jurassic Park at the cinema (which was AWESOME by the way!).

Before I show you my card, I'm going to show you what most stitchers try and hide, and that is the back of my stitches! I have to say I don't believe in the whole "don't tie knots" and "make sure the front looks the same as the back". As long as it looks right on the front, I'm happy. Case and point, the back of my card.


Mental right?!? Can you even tell what it is? I honestly don't know if it's the right way up or not, I think the photo might be wrong. Anyway, here's what it's supposed to look like.

Much better right? And now I can get on with stitching my boyfriend's birthday pressies AND THEN write my Xmas craft list. I have loads of awesome ideas to share! :)

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