167 - charity love

September 25, 2011
I do love charity shopping (as you should know from the amount of posts I do on it) and yesterday my mum and I went to Corstorphine (one of the best places for a lot of charity shops in a small area) and had a look around.

Yesterday I found something which I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for, but I had to buy it because it was only £1.25, and so wonderfully weird, I just had to own it.

Very pretty in a Granny sort of way eh? I'm going to hang it on the back of the door of my craft/spare room and put cards in it once they're made, so they're nice and safe and then I can hand them out at Xmas and birthdays and such. Woo.

I also got these.


Another quite Granny cross stitch, but at a £1, who can argue? I actually had to fight with some old women to look in the basket or knitting patterns. Crazy times. I also picked up something else, but it's for my boy's birthday, so I can't show you it. Boo.

I've almost finished my niece's card, and it's looking awesome, so photos of that hopefully tomorrow.

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