166 - Derby photos

September 23, 2011
So I've not had the best day derby-wise. Not many things can reduce me to tears quite as often, but hey, it manages it.

Of course, I still love it, and I know I'll be fine tomorrow, but ho hum. On Wednesday we did a mock bout (the first time I've ever played a full bout) and we took some photos. So, enjoy!

Team black!

Me, the wife and our slogan skirts

Team black!

Team black! We lost, but we're still happy!
So, not the best day, but I'm already feeling a lot better about it than I was earlier in the day, so it's all good. I have some lovely new derby things, but I'll show you them in another post yes?

Anyhoo I'm off to make my niece's birthday card. Night!

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