165 - Feeling Stitchy contest

September 22, 2011
So I've started my Covered in Stitches contest piece for the Feeling Stitchy blog. I picked my book as Stephen King's IT, and I've been toying with a couple of patterns. So I tried drawing it two different ways, and asked the boy for his opinion, and he liked a bit of both of them. Typical. So I traced the third design (so I didn't have to draw it again) and then ironed it on the fabric.

I've picked some grey/silver fabric, because the scene is gray and rainy, so I thought this would convay it quite well. Hopefully I'll get on to the stitching over the weekend.





Ta da! I'm going to have to try and making my stitching awesome for this one. I'll be putting in some rain and the flow of water on the road, which I didn't want to draw, because it's sometimes hard to cover up the pen lines.


  1. Awh wow!!love this!how do u do this?draw image onto tracing paper then put face down on fabric and then iron the back? I might just do this for fun soon!! Xxx

  2. Yeah I've got a iron on transfer pen, which cost like a couple of quid from Hobbycraft. And you just trace it, draw the pen over the wrong side (the back) and then iron it on till it takes. I always do it a bit long tho and think the lines are too dark, but I'll just have to try and stitch over them I guess :P


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