163 - Hmm..

September 19, 2011
So I spent a while tonight trying to sort out my craft occasions folder which I mentioned a couple of posts back. Basically having a list of all the occasions and all the crafty things which match up with them from my magazines.

I thought it sounded like a great idea, so I spent an hour or so trying to make it. I think I got through about 6 magazines, and decided to give up for the night because I was sleepy.

However, now that I'm a little bit in, I'm not sure that I would actually use it. The reason being that I think having to look through all the magazines to see the pictures anyway would probably take the same amount of time as just flicking through them all for something that tickles my fancy.

I think the only way it would save time would be if I was looking for cakes patterns or something and NONE of my magazines had any cake patterns, so obviously looking through them would be a waste of time.

*Sigh*. I dislike when I try something and it doesn't turn out as I had hoped. Plus considering how many magazines I have, it would take me ages to finish, and I'm unsure I could be bothered filing it out every month.

So I spent an hour of so and some of my lovely labels for no reason really. Boo. :(


  1. I've tried to do things like that before, too, but in the end, all I got done was putting the magazines with Doctor Who patterns in a different area than the rest of my cross stitch pattern books, which ended up leading to the six month missing streak of the aforementioned magazines, so I don't think you did so badly! ^^; Plus, you never know if something will work out or not unless you give it a try.

  2. Ha ha yeah, I want a high levels of organisation but sometimes it just doesn't work out eh?

    wow I don't think I have any Doctor Who patterns. I think I need to change this :P.

    Yeah I tried, it failed, so I can flick through my magazines for hours now, knowing I at least tried! :)


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