161 - Brithday cards.

September 18, 2011
A while ago in The World of Cross Stitching a got a little free gift which was three mini flower cards. They were so cute, and last week I decided to stitch one for my Aunt's birthday. I can now show you it because I now know that she's recieved it!

Birthday card for my aunt.

It didn't take long to do but it still looks awesome (though I must say popping a card that small in the post box did fill me with a little fear!). I had sorted out all my threads for the 3 cards, and then obviously only had to use a small chunk of them to do the card I choose to do. So I made myself a little homemade thread sorter with an idex card and a hole punch, so when I do come around to stitching the other two cards, I won't have to sort the thread again. Woo!

Not much but I was quite proud of it (check out my Nightmare Before Xmas pj's).

On a final note, why not check out the Skates and Stitches Facebook page? I now have 25 fans so I have a proper username and everything. Also, on Friday Mr X Stitch himself commented! If he likes it, he can't be wrong, right?

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