160 - Christmas stitching.

September 17, 2011
Let me firstly say that I know I've been dropping off the blogger radar a lot lately and then coming back on with a surge of posts. This is mainly because nothing will happen for a while to blog about/I don't have the time to make anything! And then I suddenly do have the time etc, and therefore, lots of blog posts arrive!

Don't worry, I won't be leaving my blog alone for too long, though looking at the amount of posts I do each month, it does jump about a bit! So I've decided I will make sure I do at least 10 posts a month (which isn't a lot, but even if NOTHING is happening, or I don't have too much time, I can definitely commit to that). That's around 1 post every 2-3 days, which is actually a pretty steady flow when you think about it. So yeah, keep an eye on the monthly post counter!

So I've decided that I'm going to do a lot of Christmas stitching. I wasn't really into any of my crafts last Christmas, so this is my first time round.

So my way to tackle this, was to stock up on as many Christmas kits and freebies as possible.

I ordered this double pack of magazines from Origin, which were released last Tuesday, but I just got them a few days ago. Not happy! I though pre-order folk would get them first but I guess not.


I was happy to get the Rudolf kit with this one, as that was the one advertised, but I saw on the Cross Stitch Crazy Facebook page that a lot of people had received a non-Christmas bunny kit. Apparently Rudolf was only for the first 700 orders. I guess I got in there, and I'm happy, but I swear it didn't say that when I ordered and I would have been very annoying if I had received a non-Christmas kit.


Mega bumper pack of stuff, with enough things to make cards and Christmas decorations! It's so lovely!


Free kits from other magazines (and the one I bought before from a charity shop). The one on the far left is 3 little house tree decorations! So cute. Can't wait to stitch them all.

So now I need to write a list of everything I need to make. My mum has requested a Christmas tree decoration, so I'll need to get on that too. I also want some decorations for myself and Donald's first Christmas tree AND some sort of wreath! Oh my! When I get a list, I'll let you know.

I know it's early, but stitching can take A LONG TIME!

So what are you guys making for Christmas?


  1. THIS post excites me so much!i started my crafts for Christmas a little while ago!im stitching advent calendrs,decorations,presents and some of the cards. Also planning to knit, make mulled cider and gingerbtead, caravan and egg both cupcakes!! Xx

  2. Ha ha! Wow you are organised! I think I'm going to do cards, maybe some gifts tags, a wreath, some decorations, and make a cake (if purely because I want to make the cake wrap thing that comes in next month's Cross Stitcher.

  3. Yesss thats exactly what I thought about the cake!!!!how early are u meant to make it?!i wonder if thatll put a recipein there x

  4. Well I can't make a proper xmas cake my the boy doesn't like fruit or marzipan! Doh! So I think I'm just going to make a normal one. Though I have googled a few chocolate xmas cake recepies, and they seem quite nice, though they always seem to have prunes or something in them. Bah! I love the cake wrap! and those cute little xmas tree shaped pins! I think my gran used to make hers like now or something! it's crazy early for a proper fruit style one though I'm not sure.


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