159 - The great craft tidy.

September 16, 2011
So yesterday I had a less than perfect day at work, and skating the night before wasn't the best either, so I did what I always do when I'm wound up...I tidy. I don't know what it is, but getting everything else organised seems to help the shit I can't control sort itself out in my head. And I love seeing the finished result.

So tonight I decided to sort out my craft stuff. I have a lot of craft stuff, and having bought quite a lot of it recently, my craft area wasn't as tidy or organised as it could be. So I decided to tackle it. I don't think I mentioned it either, but I won ANOTHER Cross Stitch Crazy competition! I was very happy, and it came earlier in the week. I did happen to get ANOTHER Fizzy Moon bear like the one I had (bummer) but he's now on my desk. I also won a lovely craft caddy, which was the main reason for the craft clear out, as I needed to put some stuff in it.

So yeah, check out the photos! And don't judge me.

The tidy up begins!

Full! So pretty!

New craft caddy!

Buttons and fastenings lunch box.

Papercraft box.

Huge crafty box.

Sewing basket.

Cross stitch and embroidery bag.

Fabric bag.

To-do basket.

All finished and back in place!


I forgot I had my craft notebook, so I have a lot of blog notes and crafty notes in the back of my filo fax and saved as blog drafts that can now be put into one place. The folder is for possible the best (and geekiest) idea I've ever read!

While I was looking for an anniversary pattern for my Aunt I spent ages looking through all my magazines to see if I had one. Waste of time because I didn't. Then I read on Cross Stitch Crazy's blog (a comment from a reader) that a good way to tackle this was to keep a folder or notebook of occasions and then list the magazines that feature that occasion. So like a Christmas page, a birthday page, a new baby page. How good an idea is this!?! I love it! And so I'm going to do it next night I have the chance. Geek out!

Finally, check this out in Cross Stitch magazine!


My tweet is right there, under Mollie Makes! I'm totally famous...sort of!

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