153 - Faux fur.

September 08, 2011
Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Usually it's because I've not crafted anything of note, but this time it's because I'm crafting too much but I can't put photos up until it's done, so aside from that I've not done anything worthy of a blog. However, with Xmas coming up, and something else I can't tell you about quite yet, craft is going to get exciting.

I've also been ill since Sunday night, but I'm refusing to let it get the better of me, so I've been powering through and going to work and skating. Ugh. Neither of which are making me feel better to be honest. But I felt sad not blogging, so as it's getting into autumn and winter, I thought I would blog about something I love. Faux fur. It's everywhere just now, and I love it, so I made a Pinterest board and here are some of my favourites.

All photos are from my Pinterest account and you can check out the board here.

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  1. I love faux fur! I have a jacket that I bought in a theatre props closing down sale last year. It's so old and (a tiny bit) ragged, but I love it SO much. x


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