151 - Crafty Monday!

August 30, 2011
So yesterday I was quite crafty which is quite good. I made something, but it's a present, so I can't show you until the person gets it.

I also made a needle book to match a small tin I got free with an issue of Cross Stitcher. They gave you the pattern to make the matching set. I made mine pink (obv) and used some vintage buttons that were my grans. Love it.

Needlebook to match tin

I also tried my hand at button making and made this Pacman one. It's a bit squint, but I've never made a button before, and cross stitch fabric is hard to try and push down! It's so hard! So I think it was good that I tried an easy design first. Still looks cool though.

Pacman button

And finally, I read a post on one of the craft magazine's Facebook pages where someone was complaining that the magazine should print which issue a kit came from on the kit so when you went back to make it, you wouldn't have to spend years looking for the right issue. I suggested they just label them and it would be easy to keep track. So today I took my own advice, and used my label maker *love* and labeled all my craft kits with which magazine and which issue they were from (or if the patterns were in an email or in my pattern folder). So organised and I love it. I'll need to do this every time I get a new kit now.


Back to work today. Happy Tuesday!

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