150 - Bank holiday Monday

August 29, 2011
So today is a bank holiday Monday, well for most of us. My boyfriend is currently working, though he finishes at 1, so we're off to Illegal Jack's for lunch. Nom nom nom, Mexican food, I cannot wait. But until then I am watching trashy TV in my PJ's.

Over the weekend me and my Mum went shopping up to Livingston shopping centre (which is out of town, but is actually better then wandering around the cold in Edinburgh). I picked up some craft books at the discount book store, which is always fun. They're knitting and crochet books, which I know I cannot do yet, but I still have big dreams of being able to do them, and these books were crazy cheap, so I thought I might as well.


Now, you may have noticed that it's getting very cold...in fact, if you were in Edinburgh last night, it was insanely cold! Autumn is on it's way, which means the shops are full with Autumn and Winter fashions. I have to say (and you may think me weird) I prefer cold weather fashion. I love big coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots, leg warmers, woolly tights and long socks. I'm not very into "what's in fashion", I just like wearing what I wear, but hey, if something is all over the stores, and I like it, it's sort of a bonus.

Let me tell you, the shops did not disappoint at the weekend, the Autumn Winter clothes in like every shop are amazing. They're all mustard, navy blue and brown and very nom. There is also a lot of animal print type things, which is always good by me.

Now, one thing I have wanted for quite some time is a scarf that looks like a dead fox. This may seem odd, but I remember seeing one in Elle Girl when I was a teenager and loving it. The one in the magazine was pink and amazing, and it has made me covet one ever since. A few weeks ago when the boy took me to an art gallery in town, they had one in the gift shop, all orange and perfect, however it was £50 because it was knitted by some artist! Tsk! I even planned to try and knit one myself, but you know my knitting progress is not the best.

Then on Saturday, I wandered into Claire's Accessories (yes I know it's meant for 12 year old, but I still love it) because they had some lovely deer print socks, and spotted this little guy!


I cannot express how exciting I got, my mum looked a little worried. The best thing is, Livingston also has a discount Claires, where everything is 30% off, so I popped along to that one and bought him. He's amazing! Though he's not very wide, he's made of quite thick wool, so he's going to be awesome when it starts getting cold. I also got some lovely fingerless brown gloves with fur on the top. Sure, I look like Teen Wolf, but they're awesome!

So I'm going to try and use the rest of my day off to make some things. I have a cross stitch and an embroidery pattern that I want to try and make, so lets see how much of that I can get through today.

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  1. That scarf is so cute! I wonder if the Claire's in this country have them? I'm not sure if a store like that would differ by area, but it's very delightful. Good luck with your crafty day, too- it sounds like fun!


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