149 - Cross stitch is meant to be relaxing?!?!?

August 26, 2011
I love cross stitching. I think the finished result looks amazing. But I have to admit, it stresses me out no end. Here are some reasons why.

  • I seem to run out of thread a lot. I blame the kit, but I'm sure it's me, trailing stitches along the back of my work. 
  • I hate doing backstitch round the edge of a project. So hard sometimes. But it looks shit if you don't do it most of the time, and I like things to look nice. 
  • I apparently can't count. I always seem to get one bit of it wrong. 
  • Symbols always seem to be too alike. Confusement. 
  • Similiary, colours can be too like eachother. 4 or 5 shades of pink in one project can be quite hard to keep track of. 
  • Frames/cards you get in free kits don't always seem to fit exactly how you would like. 
  • Getting the needle through the right square can sometimes be very hard.
On that note, I've made a new cross stitch. It's my Gran's birthday on Saturday, so I've stitched her this card kit I got from World of Cross Stitching. It was quite hard, and it doesn't seem to fit the frame as well as it should (not my fault though, as it is stitched correctly) but I still think it looks lovely.

Cross stitch All Our Yesterdays Card

I do love cross stitching magazines, as you get amazing little kits free. And they always look so lovely. So while it can stress me out sometimes, I won't be giving up cross stitching any time soon.


  1. I don't actually understand the symbols and stuff on charts?! I also rarely do backstitch, oops! You must think my work looks so messy! Maybe ill start! Your card looks very smart! Well done! xxx

  2. there are too many colours that look the same in cross stitch! drives me mad! I do the back stitch because I get OCD and don't want to leave stuff un-finished. :P and thanks! I hope my gran likes it.


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