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August 20, 2011
So I must be the only person the world that doesn't have a phone that support the millions of apps which are out these days. Okay, so maybe that's not true, but it sure feels like it. The other day I read a post on She Blog's Too about a crafty iPhone app and I thought it was awesome. While trying to show my boyfriend what I was talking about, we discovered there are quite a lot of crafty app out there. So here are the best 5 that I found.

1. Thread Counter App.
This little app was the one I read one She Blogs Too but I think it is amazing. It basically allows you to keep track of what thread you own, what you want and how many you need to buy. Imagine popping out to the craft store and not having to worry about buying too much tread or the wrong thread. This app would stop that happening.

2. Thread Converter App.

Only use DMC thread but the pattern is all in Anchor codes? Don't worry. This handy little app can tell you what the code would be if you were using the other brand. Time saving a-hoy!

3. Cross stitch fabric calculator.

Never buy the wrong fabric again this app proclaims. I don't do a lot of cross stitching on fabric I buy myself, as a lot of my pieces have been pre-made kits, but I do know the couple of time I have done it, trying to decide what size of piece to use can be stressful. This lets you put in the stitch count and the thread count and tells you what size you need. No more wasting or stitching yourself short.

4. Stitcher's helper.

This one basically helps you keep track of everything you need when you are doing crafty projects. It has various calculators, allows you to attach photos of projects and keep track of how far into your project you are. Perfect if you like doing more than one project at once.

5. Knitting stash.

This is basically exactly what it sounds like. If you (like me) forget what size knitting needles you have when your out shopping, this app allows you to keep track of everything knitting and crochet related you might own. Love.

I think what I've learnt from this is that I need an iPhone/Android phone.

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  1. I still don't have a smart phone either and I feel like I'm the last kid on the block who doesn't. I'd love to get an iPhone, I just hate to think of how much my monthly bill will go up as a result. My current phone is already a few years old, which basically makes it a dinosaur in phone years. When I get a better job I think one of my first purchases will involve upgrading my phone.


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