144 - Chairty knitting

August 16, 2011
During my charity shop shopping at the weekend I spotted something rather cool, which I had actually seen last year and forgotten about. I was in the Age UK shop and saw a poser for The Big Knit with Innocent Drinks. What they want you to do is knit a little hat to go on the top of an Innocent drink and for every one they get, they'll give 25p to Age UK. Pretty sweet deal huh? It's mean you get to knit a lovely little hat, and Innocent give some nice money to charity. If you click on the link above, there are some lovely pattern ideas for you to try out (because let's face it, not all of us know how to knit a tiny hat!).

So, I was having a look at other charity knitting type stories, and it turns out there are a few you can involved in. I found this too cute story about Battersea Cat and Dog home getting a whole load of donated knitted mice for the little kitties to play with.

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Turns out they had asked for the donations in an earlier story and even given you the pattern to do a cute little striped mouse. Even though they've received a tonne of mice, they're apparently still looking for more if you want to get involved.

And finally, we have the Tree Cozy Project, which aims to cover two huge trees in giant tree cozies. You can take part by looking on the blog and getting the pattern to knit a square with will be added to the cozy. The whole point of this project is to get people learning how to knit and crochet, being part of the community, sharing you skills and celebrating your town (or at least the town the trees are in right?).

So if you love knitting and you're not sure what to knit, why not do something for the greater good, and get involved with some of these projects. If I could knit a tiny hat, I would definitely be all over this.

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