142 - Love, thy name is label maker

August 14, 2011
Yesterday my mum came over and we went for a nice walk through town and visited Stockbridge, which is an amazing area in Edinburgh for charity shops. I do love charity shops, I'm always on the look out for a crafty bargain.

First shop we went to I got this lovely cross stitch kit. I thought it would be perfect for Christmas, as I'm planning on stitching a lot of thing for Christmas this year.


 Cute right? Only problem was, when I got home, I realised that I didn't have the pattern because it would be in the magazine! Doh! So if anyone has the magazine that has this pattern in it, any chance you could email me a scan or a photo? I've done this before buying kits on eBay! I'm so stupid!

Then we went to Cancer Research and I picked up this beauty!


It only cost me £4 and was still in all of it's packaging. According to the very nice sales assistant lady Brother had been selling them and then giving the profits to Cancer Research, but when they stopped selling them, they just donated all the spare stock to the Cancer Research shops. Awesome right. I've always wanted a label maker but thought them too expensive, but for £4, I can hardly argue. It came with the batteries, white tape and iron on fabric tape, and, it's pink!

I've already started labeling things!

I love charity shops.

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