136 - Bioshock

August 03, 2011
So my boyfriend has been playing Bioshock a lot of the past couple of days, and I've been watching him play it while stitching my mum's birthday card. I got to thinking that stitching a Big Daddy and a Little Sister would be amazing because I could use gold thread, and the Little Sister's bright eyes would really shine out.

Embroidery seemed a little too easy to do it, so I decided to draw my own cross stitch pattern. Scary times right?

Well I gave it a bash and here's how it turned out. I plan to stitch it up after I've done my mum's card (as that's more important as her birthday is on Sunday) and see what it looks like. I think it will look a lot better stitched because the colours will look brighter and different next to each other. It all seems to merge into one right now, though if use metallic gold thread for it all I may kill myself.

Attempt at a Bioshock cross stitch pattern

The Big Daddy is sitting down, so you can see the soles of his feet (in case you are unsure about how he is sitting). I'm very happy with the Little Sister though, but like I said, I think it will look better in stitches.

I'll update you once I stitch it up.

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