135 - July update.

August 02, 2011
Completed goals will be struck out when I do them.

Goal in progress are in bold.

1. Watch 50 films I haven't seen.
(1. Basketcase 2.)
(2. Basketcase 3.)
(3. Eat, Pray, Love.)
(4. Blades of Glory.)
(5. Toy Story 3.) 
(6. Despicable Me.) 
(7. Megamind.)
(8. The Batman vs Dracula.) 
(9. Serenity.) 
(10. House of Wax (original).) 
(11. Hellboy.) 
(12. Hellboy II.) 
(13. Bee Movie.) 
(14. Husk.) 
(15. Tangled.) 
(16. The Holiday.) 
(17. Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.) 
(18. Insidious.) 
(19. Wall-E.) 
(20. Kill Bill Part II.) 
(21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.) 
(22. Definitely Maybe.) 
(23. Pineapple Express.) 
(24. Paul.) 
(25. Day of the Dead.) 
(26. Adventureland.) 
(27. Jackass 3.5.) 
(28. Easy A.) 
(29. Scream 4.)  
2. Read 50 books I haven't read.
(1. Needful Things by Stephen King.) (Started it last year but I read a good 75% of it this year.)
(2. Whip It by Shauna Cross.)
(3. Dead Until Dark (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.) 
(4. Living Dead in Dallas (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.) 
(5. Club Dead (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)
(6. Dead to the World (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.) 
(7. Dead as a Doornail (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)  
(8. Definitely Dead (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)   
(9. All Together Dead (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)    
(10. From Dead to Worse (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)     
(11. Dead and Gone (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)   
(12. A Touch of Dead (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)     
(13. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K.Rowling.)   
(14. Currently reading Cujo by Stephen King.) 
3. Read 20 graphic novels I haven't read.
4. Buy and read 50 comic books.
(1. Predators - Friend or Foe?! No.1.)
(2. Daredevil - The Man Without Fear. No. 507.)
(3. The Expendables. No.2.) 
5. Go to the theatre 5 times.
6. Go to 5 gigs. 
(1. Gay for Johnny Depp, The Computers, Secta Rouge, Shields Up - Sneaky Pete's - 21/02/2011. I only stayed for Shields Up and Secta Rouge, but then I was only really there to see Shield's Up.)
7. Watch 10 TV series that I have and have never watched the whole way through (I do this a lot).
(1. Father of the Pride - The Complete Series.)
(2. American Dad!: Volume 5.) 
(3. The Big Bang Theory - Season 1).  
(4. The Big Bang Theory - Season 2).  
(5. The Big Bang Theory - Season 3).
(6. True Blood - Season 1).
(7. Family Guy - Season 10). 
(8. Currently watching Gossip Girl - Season 1).  
8. Pass my minimums at roller derby.
9. Read 10 biographies/autobiographies.
(1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.)
(2. Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg.) 
10. Go to a bout for all the Scottish teams (Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow (and maybe the central team/Inverness if they get going by the end of the year but they're just starting out). 
(1. Aberdeen vs Perth - Taco Hell - 12/02/2011.)
(2. Edinburgh vs Wakefield - Crashablanca - 26/02/2011.) 
11. Make my way through my French lesson CD's.
12. Learn to play 10 songs off-by heart on my keyboard.
13. Learn how to knit. (When I've done 5 completed projects).
14. Learn how to cross-stitch. (When I've done 5 completed projects).
(1. Cross stitch keyring.)
(2. Cross sitch kitty in frame.)
(3. Russian doll card.)
(4. Flower pin cushion.)
(5. Jack Russell card.)
15. Make 10 crafty kits. 
(1. Dreaming Kitty - Cross stitch kit.)
(2. Mackintosh Rose Keyring - Cross stitch kit.)
(3. Bat - Soft toy kit.) 
(4. Vintage pincushion stitch kit.
(5. Bentley Bear card kit.
(6. Crab cross stich kit.)
(7. Royal Guard stitch kit.)
(8. Funky fox stitch kit.) 
16. Fill my sketch book.
17. Fill my owl notebook.
18. Go on holiday in a caravan.
19. Go to Glasgow for a night out. 
(1. Going to Rufus T Firefly's for dinner and then Classic Grand for dancing.)
20. Get a new tattoo.
21. Learn to play poker.
22. Learn to read my tarot cards.
23. Learn to read my rune stones.
24. Learn to play chess so I know all the moves.
25. Eat at 10 places I've never eaten at before.
(1. Compass in Leith.)
(2. The Constitution in Leith.) 
(3. Rufus T Firefly's in Glasgow.) 
(4. Delicious Chinese in Davidson Mains.) 
(5. Illegal Jack's in Edinburgh.) 
(6. The Oaks Hotel in Alnwick.)
(7. The Castle Inn in Bamburgh.) 
26. Go to Paris.
27. Learn to crochet. (When I've done 5 completed projects).
28. Pass my rules test at roller derby.
29. Get my gamer score to 15,000.
30. Try and have a blog and actually keep it.


  1. I love the Basketcase movies! Two and three are so delightfully bad. :)

    Also, hello! I've been reading awhile but don't think I've commented before.

  2. Hey! Thanks, always good to know people are reading!

    Ha ha yeah I love the Basketcase movies, they are so funny.


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