137 - The forgotten craft

August 04, 2011
With all the moving and mental-ness of the past couple of weeks I had some little crafty things that I kept meaning to show you and kept forgetting. So here they are, the forgotten craft...

A few weeks ago a derby friend called Kiki passed on some lovely cross stitch books to me. I thought she was letting me borrow them, but turns out she was giving them to me! Amazing times right. She had saw them at a car boot sale and thought of me.




They look a bit retro, but they have a lot of standard-ish designs so they should come in handy.

And on cross-stitchy note, while I was sorting through an old notebook, I found this lovely witch cross-stitch my mum had made for me when I was about 15. It's very cute, and is now proudly displayed on my bookcase.


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