125 - Love of Cath Kidston

You may all know my love for Cath Kidston. I got a whole load of her books for my birthday and a nice little writing set. I adore her stuff, but I find a lot of it a little expensive to be buying everyday. It's a treat myself sort of thing to buy lovely Cath Kidston things.

However, I am already planning my next Cath based purchase. I was messing around on Pinterest the other day and saw a lovely little set called The Crochet Book (with tin and project). I could tell it was Cath Kidston a mile off, because of the lovely floral patterns. Because I had never heard of this set before I clicked on through to Amazon to have a look. Unfortunately, it's pre-order, and it doesn't say when it's coming out (though I did read November somewhere), but it's already been added to my wish list.

While I was drooling over this and wishing I could buy it now, I spotted some other Cath Kidston books that are also pre-order. They too have been added to my wish list.

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Considering I got Sew, Stitch and Make for my birthday, I need to get Patch to complete my collection. As always, the books appears to come with everything you need to make a project (the one of the front of the book). Lovely. So hopefully these come out soon so I can order them all at once. It's very exciting.

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