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July 22, 2011
So, I joined Pinterest the other day. Of course I need some other sort of crafty fun site that I can spend my days on right? I'm taking part in a Wild Olive embroidery class online, and Mollie posts a lot of her pinned photos that have been giving her inspiration for the class. I felt I needed to get involved, as I have to say it's very fun.

My first board that I made is a kitchen themed one, because I love kitchen stuff, and having just moved house it seemed quite fitting to be dreaming of more house stuff. Here's a little snippet of what I included.

If you want to see everything (and all the other stuff I'm likely to add to it in the coming days), then why not check on out on Pinterest, or follow me if you're on there already. I added a handy button to the side of my blog along with one for my Polyvore account because I realised I didn't have one up yet.

Shame on me.

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