123 - 10 reasons why I love my new flat

July 21, 2011
  1. It's very close, and I mean very close, to a library. This excites me no end, and when I've ran out of books to read (eventually) I'll be right down there for definite.
  2. I can walk to work. It's that close. This is going to save me a lot of car time and a lot of petrol money. 
  3. It's right across the road from a lovely big park, so I'm hoping we get lots of nice, warm days to spend in it. 
  4. I'm getting to listen to more music again because I can bang my iPod on when I'm walking to work. 
  5. We have a lot of floor space, meaning though even though I have a lot of stuff, our flat doesn't look cramped. 
  6. All my books can actually fit on shelves now. No more books on the floor. 
  7. We're in the delivery area of a lot of good take-aways in the general Leith/Leith Walk area. 
  8. Our kitchen has a sky light. It's very pretty. 
  9. It's close enough to town that going out/going for dinner/hitting the cinema or going up town shopping is going to be a lot easier, and if it's nice I can ever walk. 
  10. The view from our living room window is pretty cool, and it means I can perv on the flat across from us which has a little roof garden thing, with patio heaters and night lights. Living the dream. 


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying your new flat!!!

  2. Thanks, even though moving is a hassle and a half, our new flat is just lovely :)


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