117 - Moving...

July 06, 2011


This is my world right now. A lot of boxes. I decided tonight I would try and be a bit of an adult so I skipped skating (even though I said I was going to every one in July...well I didn't know I would be moving house so quickly when I said it did I?) and stayed at home to pack.

I'm a very organised packer, as you can see from the labels and such, so I quite like doing it, but I worry we're not going to have enough time to get it all done. Sigh. I've never moved all my stuff before. I've moved in with a boy, out from a boy, in with my mum and out from my mum, but never like all my stuff, and all my boyfriend's stuff, in one go. We need to move bills and sort things and move the Internet. And hire movers.

I started packing the spare bedroom first, and therefore all my craft staff is now in boxes. This makes me sad, but chances are I wasn't going to have the time to craft before I move anyway as I'll be sorting all that stuff out.

So after being very tired from work already and then double tired from packing, I'm off to watch the Apprentice (which my boyfriend got an interview for for the next series. It's quite insane) and possibly eat some ice cream.

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  1. Best of luck with the move! And that is SO cool that your boyfriend got an interview for The Apprentice. Maybe this time next year he'll be living it up with Lord Sugar (I still want to call him Sir Alan).


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