111 - Stitchy stitch

Between episodes of True Blood and Gossip Girl, and the millions of spring rolls I ate tonight, I've been doing a bit of stitching.

Wild Olive's embroidery class started on Monday, and as I've not time, I've not made anything yet. But as I said before, I will make everything, but it may take me some time! I plan to make a list of everything I need to make in my owl notebook (which is where I usually make lists, stick things, and generally spraff about feelings) and that way I can check it off when I eventually get around to make it.

Anyway, as part of this class, I was sent a lovely floss pack from Wild Olive and DMC. Check those sexy colours. I adore the acid green. I cannot wait to stitch with it.


So tonight I started my Feeling Stitchy June Stitchalong piece, which is my trash bunnies car rubbish bag. I've got a new transfer pen, which is blue, so anything blue hasn't been stitched yet (though I do plan to do the other bunny in blue). Also because it's new it came out quite thick, and when I ironed it, it sort of smudged into the grass area. I'm sure it will fade a little but I was annoyed when it happened. However, not wanting to waste a bag, I didn't start again. Hopefully finish this at the weekend.


Then I transferred the pattern for a free pattern Wild Olive gave the embroidery class people. Another bag. I plan to use it to carry stuff to work in. I use a King Speech one just now that I won, but I would like a crafty themed one. This pattern took me three attempts to get on the bag. 1 - I smudged on the tracing paper. 2 - I started it and then realised I would have to double trace to get the writing the correct way, and as it's a big pattern I decided this was not cool. 3 - Eventually I remembered I had carbon paper and a stylus tool. Done. It's quite faint, but I'm impressed, because that means hopefully my stitches will cover it.


While we're talking about Wild Olive, a while ago I won a competition and won a load of her printables. I've got the housework themed set inside my kitchen cupboards with our cleaning rota on it. Very cute.

Wild Olive printable housework rota

I have a very Wild Olive house right now. But I'm quite alright with that.

As I said above I finally finished my True Blood box set tonight. I've got to say, I like it, but nowhere near as much as the book. I have these moments of "oh my god why did you change that, there was no need to make that different", but I tend to like book versions better  than TV/movie version.

Ah well, it's late, and I would like to read more of my new True Blood book before bed. Night crafters.

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