110 - Embroidery love

So Donald is on the late shift this week, which usually means a lot of crafting. Nom. Though now I skate on a Wednesday, that's one less night where I can craft/be girly/eat food that Donald doesn't like, but it's all good.

This week I plan on making my June Stitchalong piece. I knew what I wanted to sew it on straight after I found the pattern, but things don't always go to plan. I wanted to stitch it onto a car trash bag from my 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre book. You basically hook it over the front seat head rest, and it's somewhere pretty to put your rubbish. However, you need a plastic clip to make the one in the book, and I don't have one. So I decided to stitch it onto one of the plain canvas bags I have, and then hang it over the back. It should work great (hopefully) and I'm going to stitch the words "trash bunnies" on it too. My car is full of toys and Hello Kitty things, so I think this will look right at home there.

Speaking of stitchalongs, the piece I did for the May Stitchalong. May's piece was a competition, and whoever won got free patterns and fabric. But the Cate Anevski (pattern designer) decided to give out a free pattern to everyone who entered (you can check out her Etsy shop here).

Image via

I choose this lovely Alice in Wonderland pattern. Love it. So glad I took part.

And on a final embroidery related note (and Alice in Wonderland as it turns out), I am taking part in Wild Olive's embroidery class. I love embroidery and I love Wild Olive so it seemed like the perfect combo. Plus I always want to make my skills better. The class starts tomorrow I believe, and while I don't think I'll have time to follow along online perfectly in the 5 weeks, I do aim to make every project she puts up.

Another benefit to signing up to the class was a I got a free DMC floss pack (the first DMC floss I have owned I think) and a free pattern (because I was on the newsletter list and I signed up uber early). The floss is waiting for my at my mum's. I'll show you photos when I get it. I also chose Wild Olive's Alice in Wonderland pattern as my free pattern.

Image via
Too cute right? Love it.

So as I make my projects, I'll post up photos of the finished projects. She already has a free pattern up there which I'm counting in the list of things I need to do. So excited. I highly urge you all to sign up for the class and get involved!


  1. You are inspiring me to learn to embroider! x

  2. It's literally so much fun. Because anything you can trace/draw you can embroider on to something. Love it!


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