109 - Derby fun

June 18, 2011

Well as you know, I love derby. And one of the things I love most about it is jumping. Like big jumps. A while ago, at a Saturday practise, I managed to jump eight cones. So today I tried to break that. And I managed 9. It was so much fun. The only video I had of me making the nine shows ref Andy Clockwise falling, but that was just the only video I had where I made 9. He actually did 12 in the end (cleared 13 but fell). He's a master jumper.

 And finally, a little bruise photo, as it wouldn't be derby if they're weren't bruises. I got this last week from getting kicked in the shin at practise (not on purpose I might add). It went a lovely shade of purple this morning so I thought it was photo worthy.


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