107 - Coasters and magazines...then chicken

So I'm just about to pop out for some yummy KFC. I had one last week and since then I've been dreaming of another salsa wrap thing. Nom. So nom! But before I go, I thought I would do another quick update of my Batman table set. I'm working through two coasters because I had some black thread left over after finishing the Superman one, so I just kept going till I ran out.

My first attempt (well one that I've left in anyway) of a fill stitch


Not much more progress than last time, but fill stitch takes a lot more time than I thought it would.

On another crafty note, my lovely friend and fellow roller girl Kiki (also a craft mad person) gave me a loan of like the only craft magazines I don't buy on a regular basis. So I have these four lovely magazines to read over, probably tomorrow.

So now I'm off for chicken, nom nom!

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