102 - Derby action shots

June 05, 2011
Okay, so I don't get a lot of photos of me in derby gear (even less when I'm actually skating), and I like to see them because obviously I never know what I look like when I'm skating. It's always good to see if my stance is as good as I hope it is.

Anyway, last week another derby girl was taking photos of us, so here's a couple of me :D. Good times.

Me and the derby wife. I should have taken my mouth guard out.

Pink helmet and pink shorts = total concentration
I missed derby today because I was ill. I felt skating fast and running around like a tool wouldn't be too could when my throat is dying. I don't like missing practise but I guess I've got to face up to the fact that I'll miss it sometimes (being on holidays or being ill/hurt...or bleeding through my tights like I did last week ha ha). I look forward to Wednesday, and skating my heart out.

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