101 - Cat for Connie

June 04, 2011
Just a quick post to prove that I still actually craft and don't just work and play derby solid. My fellow derby girl Connie Lingus (yes, amazing skate name I know) asked me to sew her a cat finger puppet she had found in a picture. So I'm afraid this a copy of another finger puppet and not made up from my own brain, but Connie wanted a little version all her own or she would die (direct quote).

So I stitched him up one night this week in about an hour and he's pretty cute. I think it would be fun to make more like puppets but like my own designs from my own head. Like crazy little zombie animals or something. I might have a think.

Anyway here he is.

Cat finger puppet for Connie


  1. Aha, please make zombie finger puppets. x

  2. its weird, I saw a girl with an axe shaped bag last night, and I thot I little smiley faced axe would be cute, so maybe I'll do some horror ones :D


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