98 - I'm in love...

May 31, 2011
So I'm in love. It sometimes takes me a little while to fall in love with the same things that other people like, and I've finally caught up. I'm in love with True Blood. When True Blood first came out, I knew it would like it. I love horror, love vampires and I love Twilight. Considering True Blood is less aimed at teenager girls, I was hopeful I would love it even more. So hopeful in fact, that I asked for the first season box-set for my Christmas one year before I had even seen it. However, I never got round to watching it.

A few months ago, I also bought the first 10 books for about a tenner from one of those discount book catalogue. And a couple of weeks ago I decided to start reading them. I'm about half way through book three already. I like reading and I usually read quite fast, but only when I can find the time. I missed reading books, so recently I've made the effort to read at lunch time at work and before bed. And so I've been beasting through the True Blood books like nobody's business.

Because I have finished the first book, me and my boyfriend started watching the first season box-set last night, as I read it was roughly a book per season so I wouldn't be watching any spoilers. Two episodes in and I love it (though I think I'm annoying Donald with that "oh that's not like that in the books" remarks).

I definitely think I like them a lot better than the Twilight books/movies (though I do still love them), as Bill isn't as moody as Edward and Sookie isn't as annoying as Bella. Definite good points. So I'll definitely be working my way through the rest of the books and DVDs. I'm excited.

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Plus I might have a slight crush on Bill.


  1. I actually want to be Sookie. Except without getting beaten up ALL the time!

  2. Oh, I hope you keep enjoying the show! I actually like it quite a bit better than the books, so I sort of lost track of those after the third, but am really looking forward to season four starting at the end of June. Is it on a similar schedule there? I know that, other than the same day airings of Doctor Who, we're really slow about getting your shows here, so I didn't know if the opposite was true or not.

  3. Yeah season 3 just came out on DVD and everyone is telling me season 4 is coming soon, but I think they stream it from America, so I'm not sure. It's going to take me a while to catch up :P


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