95 - Top five dream jobs

May 22, 2011
You know that scene in High Fidelity, where Rob and Laura are discussing Rob's top five dream jobs if training, money and time weren't a problem? I was thinking about that at work this week. I'm one of those people who has never really known what I wanted to do for a living. There have been jobs I would love to do but most of them have been out of reach or didn't seem realistic. Even now it's hard to know where to go and how I'm supposed to progress. I hate those kids that have always dreamed of doing something and then like...do it. Jealous. I've never had that much focus.

So here are my top 5 dream jobs, if you could literally pick anything in the world and be it.

1. Special effects make-up artist.

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I had a stint when I was a kid where I thought it would be awesome to be a make-up artist. Like an actual make-up one and not a special effects one. But then I remember watching this documentary on the making of Michael Jackson's Thriller, and loving watching them put the make up on. Can you imagine people watching amazing make-up effects like The Thing or American Werewolf in London, and you being able to say "hey, it was me that did that". Epic. As a lover of horror movies, I can only imagine how cool this job would be now, and I would have loved to have gone to university in America or something and studied this. I would also love to have the mind to know how to turn someone into a zombie, or make it look like their leg was hanging off.

2. Comic book store owner.

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This is the geek in me totally coming out, plus I quite like the idea of running my own shop. I image ordering in stock would be the most fun in the world, but I would probably end up buying a lot of it myself.

3. Hayley Williams.

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Okay, I know this is more of a person than a job, but I don't care. Dream jobs right? If I had a smary enough brain to write amazing lyrics, I would be very happy. I also enjoy dancing like a mess and dying my hair red, so I think it would be perfect.

4. Magazine editor.

I'm not which magazine, but I think it would be a fashion/music/craft one. I like the idea of making it all come together, and being imporatant and seeing an end result that was awesome. I've always like writing, so I think this would definately be fun.

5. Jenny Hart.

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Okay, again I know this is person, but I don't care, I want her job. Jenny Hart (and not Jenny Heart as I typed in, because she a porn star!) is the lady behind Sublime Stitching.

Now I know her job won't be all roses and peaches, and not everything is amazing as it look, but as an overview, her job looks epic. Designing patterns, stitching examples, running her site, blogging about embroidery, being in magazines, making custom pieces for other people/celebs/companies. Genius. If I could quit my job and run away today, I would want to be Jenny Hart. Or at least her assistant!

How about you? Any dream jobs you would kill to do?


  1. I have always been interested in special effect makeup, so I totally agree with you on that one :)
    And lol at the Jenny Heart thing ;) I'd love to do her job though (sewer not pornstar! :p) xoxo

  2. Yeah I would love to just have an excuse to be crafty all day. :(


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