93 - May Stitch Along

So my Feeling Stitchy May Stitch-Along piece is finished. I finished it on Sunday night, but I've been waiting to show you because I felt it would get lost in the excitement of my bday blog party.

So here was the pattern.

Image via

So here's mine.

Feeling Stitchy May stitch-along

I changed it slightly, as I decided to put them in three separate frames and introduced the love heart in between. I also used a fill stitch I've never used before (which I was quite excited about). I'm really happy with how it turned out, and they now sit proudly on our kitchen window ledge.

I love the Feeling Stitchy stitch alongs! I can't wait for June!


  1. I LOVE this stitch along! Love what youve done with it. Ive been desperately been trying to think of someone I could give it to as a present, alas, no luck! I will remember it for future tho! Hope you've had a good birthday xxx

  2. I love it too! so cute! Yeah they brighten up my kithen now :P Yeah I had an awesome day thanks :D x


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