Wednesday, 18 May 2011

90 - Blog Bday Party - Guest post from Zayda at Falling in Light

Hi everyone! My name is Zayda and I'm very excited to be Guest blogging for Kim, on her Blog Birthday Party!


I am an aspiring photographer from Colombia, I live in a small town in Georgia and you can read all about me in my blog Falling In Light. For Kim's birthday, I decided to share this super fast and easy Tye-Dye cupcake recipe I found a while ago somewhere (No, unfortunately I didn't come up with it) There's no frosting required, and they look super cute!

You Need:

* White or Yellow Cake Mix
*Eggs, Water, Oil, whatever your cake mix calls for.
* Rainbow Sprinkles
* White Cupcake Liners
*Cupcake Pan, Measuring spoons, Mixer and of course, an oven.

You can make them from scratch but I used boxed mix to make it even easier

 1. Mix your cake ingredients as directed in the box:

 2. I strongly recommend that you use cupcake liners. I cannot stress that enough. I've done it every single time and today I didn't have any so I just went ahead and made them without them and it wasn't the same. Fill half of every cup with cake mix:

3. Add 1/4 Tsp. Sprinkles to each cup: 

 4. Cover again with remaining cake mix:

 5. Top with 1/2 Tsp. of sprinkles for each cup:

 6. Bake for whatever time your Cake mix needs. Let them cool down before taking them out of the pan :)

 7. Enjoy!

I hope you liked this recipe and you try it out! Let me know if you do and if you post some pictures so I can come check them out! Thanks for reading and... Happy Birthday Kim!



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