90 - Blog Bday Party - Guest post from Zayda at Falling in Light

May 18, 2011

Hi everyone! My name is Zayda and I'm very excited to be Guest blogging for Kim, on her Blog Birthday Party!


I am an aspiring photographer from Colombia, I live in a small town in Georgia and you can read all about me in my blog Falling In Light. For Kim's birthday, I decided to share this super fast and easy Tye-Dye cupcake recipe I found a while ago somewhere (No, unfortunately I didn't come up with it) There's no frosting required, and they look super cute!

You Need:

* White or Yellow Cake Mix
*Eggs, Water, Oil, whatever your cake mix calls for.
* Rainbow Sprinkles
* White Cupcake Liners
*Cupcake Pan, Measuring spoons, Mixer and of course, an oven.

You can make them from scratch but I used boxed mix to make it even easier

 1. Mix your cake ingredients as directed in the box:

 2. I strongly recommend that you use cupcake liners. I cannot stress that enough. I've done it every single time and today I didn't have any so I just went ahead and made them without them and it wasn't the same. Fill half of every cup with cake mix:

3. Add 1/4 Tsp. Sprinkles to each cup: 

 4. Cover again with remaining cake mix:

 5. Top with 1/2 Tsp. of sprinkles for each cup:

 6. Bake for whatever time your Cake mix needs. Let them cool down before taking them out of the pan :)

 7. Enjoy!

I hope you liked this recipe and you try it out! Let me know if you do and if you post some pictures so I can come check them out! Thanks for reading and... Happy Birthday Kim!


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