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May 16, 2011
Bands I ♡

Hello Hello!!! First off.. 


I hope you have an awesome day! :) My name is Lee Lee, I run a little brand called Just Because by Lee Lee where I make fashion accesories that I sell online and in craft shows while having a regular job as a marketing assistant in an office from 8-5pm plus getting lots of freelance job here and there so yeah my life is a little hectic and I am in need of a 2 month vacation starting next month!

My biggest LOVE of my life is Music. Sounds very cliche, but it is real.. I live for music, I love finding new sounds, new bands, new rhythms, new styles. I go to concerts very often, my last concert was over the weekend, I went to NYC for a concert.. (crazy huh?) Well, with 2 friends we planned a trip to go to see The Kills live.. so awesome I can't even explain. I lost track of how many bands I have seen since I started living here in the US. Back home (in Colombia) tickets are very expensive and bands I like don't even go over there. 

Here I will post just 1 song per band.. so if you haven't check them out, please do. :) I love all their music.. 

Here are some of the bands I listen to and ♡ .. 

The Plastiscines


Tegan and Sara



Gimme Sympathy

The Sounds

Living in America

Ra Ra Riot


Uh huh Her

Common Reaction

The Ramones

We Want the Airwaves

*I listen and ♡ more.. but I will leave it short, I have a "Music" section on my blog, so if you are interested, pass by, I am always posting bands I like! 

*4 bands I'm dying to see live are: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo and The Knife ♡

Thank you for reading, thanks Kim for also participating on my bday blog party and may rocks! 

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  1. Ooh fantastic music taste :-)

    Happy Birthday!



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