86 - Cross-stitch birthday card

May 14, 2011
So, I've finished my cross-stitch birthday card for Donald's mum, and I have to say I quite like it. Very cute. I did a couple of stitches in the wrong direction, because I started in an awkward fashion, but you can't really tell as I usually remembered after one or two stitches. Much better than me previous attempts.

I then cut out a circle from a generic card I already had and glued the stitched doggy inside as he was too big for the mounting cards I already have.

Jack Russell stitched card

I think he goes very well with the light pink card. He is currently under a huge pile of books while I wait for the glue to dry. Crafting Saturday = successful.


  1. Is this a re-used card (the pink?). It's really good, well done! xxxx

  2. It's like a card I got from a multipack that had a picture of a bear where the circle was, so I just cut it out :P Thanks, I got the pattern from an old issue of Cross Stitch Crazy that I found in a charity shop. I'm very happy with him x


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