85 - May stitch-along update

So blogger's been down for like a whole day, and it's epic fail. I miss out on reading all of my blogs and it's been bad times (especially at work on lunch when I have nothing better to do). I only lost the comments on one post, and all my bday blog party posts are still waiting to go out so it's all good. I guess off better than some people.

So just a quick update really about my goings on from yesterday. I popped to Tesco to get a frame for the Feeling Stitchy May stitch-along. However, I opted for 3 small frames instead of one large one. I'm going to split the stitching up between the 3 frames and hopefully it will look bitchin'. So frames are bought and I can start stitching when I have the time. Saying that though, my transfer pen seems to have ran out which I'm most upset about. Hopefully it's still working, but I do have transfer paper, so I'll be fine. It's just more annoying.

I also got more cross-stitch magazines, one of which came with a lovely stitch a father's day card kit, which I am so making for my dad, so hopefully he likes it. I still need to do the jack russell card for Donald's mum too. So much on. I may start the doggy card tonight, but I'm so tired from work and such, so it may have to wait till tomorrow. It will get started and hopefully finished this weekend.

So with all this craft on the go, there should be lots of photos to come!

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