83 - May, it's a wonderful month

What can I say? I love May.  Not just because it's my birthday, but it's also the first really summery feeling month and there are usually a couple of bank holidays thrown in there for good luck. Good times. So this post is mainly about how good May based things are.

Firstly, Feeling Stitchy just posted about it's new stitch-along piece and I love it already.

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Too cute right? It is so far my favourite pattern out of the ones I have stitched up. My plan for this one is to stitch it on some nice fabric (not sure which yet, I'll have to raid my stash but I think I have a nice pale yellow that I'm focusing on already) and then frame it and hopefully put it in the kitchen. I want to put something in the banner but I'm not sure what yet. So I'll buy a frame first, and then work out how big to make my pattern. Cannot wait. This month too there is a prize for the best one, and because they posted it a little late, we have until June 7th to finish it. Exciting times. I love it so much, it's far too cute.

Second thing that is great about May is my birthday. I enjoy my birthdays, though I don't need to do something big for them. My mum usually accuses me of being boring on my birthday because I just like having dinner with my parents (and usually the boyfriend) and then hanging out, watching TV and maybe having a couple of drinks. I usually do a night out with my mates on another night, but it tends to be the same sort of thing I would do any other night. What can I say? I like doing something that I know is going to be the most fun. I do enjoy presents, cake and fun times though, so birthdays most definitely rock.

So for my birthday I'm doing my blog party (as you know). Most of the guest posts are in now and they are all good to go. I have to say they are awesome. Love it. So next week I'll do a quick intro to the blog party on Sunday night, then you'll get a guest post everyday until Friday when you'll get a special birthday themed posts from me. I've been looking through photos at my mum's in preparation, so hopefully I can get them all scanned in (scanner is being fail).

And that's pretty much it. Another reason I love May, I can now skate in the big girl's class at derby. Wednesday nights are tiring at practise, and especially because I've been at work all day, but they are so much fun, so I'm really looking forward to bouncing about on my skates again. Nom.

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