81 - Updates during Doctor Who

So while I'm sitting watching Doctor Who I thought I would do a quick update on my crafty situation. So I've been doing my Batman table set. I coloured in all my coaster with crayons and ironed them on. It was hard to shade and make them look as pretty as the tutorials I've seen because the drawings are quite small. I'm hoping the shading will look a lot better on the place mats and the table runner. Anyway, here they are.


They're not stitched up yet, and I didn't colour in the ones that are just black (like Spiderman). I do think they will look great though. Cannot wait to get them finished.

It's also my boyfriends mum's birthday in a couple of weeks, just after mine, so I'm planning to stitch her a card. She has a dog called Jack (best dog ever) who is a mix of dogs but looks like a Jack Russel. I found a nice Jack Russel pattern in a cross-stitch magazine, so I've decided to make that for her, hopefully she likes it.

Also, on a non-embroidery note, recently my boyfriend has a shirt which shrunk and became too small for him. My crafty mind started going and I asked him if I could nick it for a better purpose. I've seen a few things over the web that you can make from a shirt, like a cushion. I'm quite excited. So I'm going to be looking for some fun patterns to turn the shirt into something cool. Updates coming.

And finally, I'm working on my post of my blog birthday party. Other posts from other bloggers are coming in but I want my post to go out on my actually birthday. I'm going to root around for old photos at my mum's on Tuesday, so it should be exciting. You might get to see what I looked like before I dyed my hair red.


  1. Those coasters look awesome lady! You have such great creativity! xxx

  2. Aww thanks, they're getting there, hopefully they will look better when they are stitched.


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