79 - Geeky tableware

May 03, 2011

 So a while ago my mum bought me the above table cloth runner thing and four place mats from the pound shop. I wanted to decorate them with something nice but time has not been on my side. Yesterday I was in the pound shop again and saw the matching coasters and decided to buy them. Because it looks like such an old lady set, I wanted to put something a little different on it. So I decided on a Batman theme.

I decided on a Batman picture for the table cloth, Batman villains for the place mats and various superhero logos (Batman's friends see?) for the coasters. First I drew up the patterns (well traced them off the computer).


And then I ironed them on to the various bits of fabric.




So this is where I stopped last night. I can't wait to get on to stitching them. I wanted to make them a bit more interesting so I'm going to try and colour them in using the crayon shading method I mentioned a couple of posts ago. But that's for another day, because all that ironing took it out of me.

Back to work tomorrow, after the two lovely banks holidays, but at least it's a four day week this week. Next week is going to be tough with a whole five days. Fail.


  1. The drawings you have for these are so cute! I especially like the Lego Catwoman.

  2. Thanks, I adore the female batman villians so I had to get them on there somewhere, I'm excited to start colouring, hopefully tomorrow as I have derby tonight.


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