78 - Geek craft

May 02, 2011
I adore geeky crafts, mostly because I like geeky things and crafty things, and if I had more skills, I would be making geeky crafts all over the place. I follow a few geeky based blogs and I thought I would share some of my favourite ones with you. This is all because of the number one entry on my list, which definitely falls under geeky crafts.

1. Batman Week over at the Crafty Pirate. 

I have to say, I read about this a while ago and got quite excited about it then, and now that it's actually been launched I'm even more excited. The first craft that has gone up is a Batman logo necklace and it's well cool. While I don't make jewellery myself (well yet, I might get there), it's still awesome, and I'm really looking forward to what other tutorials are in store. Check it out, all this week.

2. Geek Crafts.

I recently found this one, and it's so cool. They have reader submission, links to tutorials, product from Etsy and all sorts. It's amazing. Check out these awesome Labyrinth dolls.

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3. The Mad Crafter.

The Mad Crafter makes some amazing crochet items that I am so jealous off, and she also takes part in like a billion craft swaps and showcases the geeky crafts from other crafters. Love it! After scrolling through her blog and geeking out over majority of it, check out this A Clockwork Orange crochet piece. Cute!

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4. Mostly Nerdy Crochet.

I think the name here says it all really. You pretty much know what you're getting into right? It's MOSTLY nerdy crochet, meaning not all of it is nerdy and not all of it is crochet, but most of it is. I am so jealous of everything she makes, but this Staypuff Marshmallow man is my favourite.

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5. Dork Stitch.

Oh Dork Stitch, I couldn't have a list of my favourite geek blogs and not mention Dork Stitch. Her patterns are great for use in cross stitch and in perler beads. Nom. She has patterns for Pokemon, Invader Zim and Kill Bill characters and they are all so cute. I decided to show a stitched up example her Marge Simpson pattern.

Image via


  1. Ah, there are some really cool amigurumis in some of the links, and Batman week is a fun idea, too! The necklace was cute, but I think I'd accidentally set my hand on fire trying to make it. ^^; Also, thank you so much for such a nice link! I was never sure if the Kill Bill stuff got noticed, but it was one of my favorite December pattern days.

  2. Yeah I'm not that brave about making jewellary yet, I always think it will end in pain. Plus I melted my carpet making an apron last week, I think I would defo set myself on fire with this ha ha.

    You're quite welcome, I do love talking about my favourite blogs like all the time. Yeah I just noticed the Kill Bill stuff the other day actually and loved it! I think I need to make a list of all the stuff I need to make from your site :P x


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