76 - Charity shopping FTW

So after my early morning post today (well early for a Saturday) I was a very busy bee. I cleaned the entire flat, changed the bed, put two washes on and then went to get my hair cut. It was such a nice day I decided to wander around the few charity shops that surround my hairdressers. I think there are about 5 or 6 of them in the one road, so it's good time for a quick look around. I was of course looking for crafty thing. Perhaps a cheap book or some second hand wool. But of the wonders I found. I love it when you get amazing things from charity shops.

Cross Stitch book (a little old fashioned but some nice stuff) = £1.50
Old school thread and a new packet of elastic = £2

7 copies of The World of Cross Stitch and 1 of Cross Stitch Crazy = £2
Unused balls of wool (including a bag of tiny balls of wool) = £5

What a haul right? I also popped to Tesco and bought this.


The colouring book was something insanely cheap like 29p and it is full of loads of cute drawing I can use for embroidery. Win. I bought the crayons because I had seen tutorials for crayon shading when doing embroidery like this one over at Urban Threads. I loved that idea and had never heard of it before, but I've seen it mentioned on Feeling Stitchy and stuff too. Exciting times. I also love buying new stationery, ESPECIALLY Crayola stuff. Nom. I don't have any crayons as I don't use them for drawing or anything, so it was nice to treat myself to something new. I'm excited to try out something new.

And now I am off to study for my roller derby rules test (which is tomorrow, eek!).


  1. The crayon shading is brilliant! Makes me actually want to attempt stitching, just so I can colour things in.

  2. Yeah I've yet to try it but it looks like it will be so good. I'm hoping it will be :D and crayons are exciting.


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