75 - Bye bye April Sposorship

April 30, 2011
So April was my first month of having sponsors and sponsoring people. It was quite exciting. So I thought I would say farewell to those lovely ladies, because being involved with their blog for a month was lovely.

So my mutual sponsorship was with Searching for Serendipity.

Over on her blog you can check out my roller derby guest post and I gave away a lovely tiger print felt clutch which My Pangaloon won. Woo go her. But even though the sponsorship is over I'm still taking part in her huge baby related competition, so go check it out!

This month I was also sponsoring Pixie Mama.

Over on her blog I shared a tutorial for my purple spotty clutch type bag.

Thanks for letting me sponsor your blogs ladies, I had an awesome month.

Roll on May and my birthday and my birthday blog party. :D If you wanted to get involved, email me at wicked_sister69@hotmail.com.

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